Cheerleading Worlds 2011. Winners?

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I think it's way too far away to even try to make predictions considering three of the biggest competitions of the year (Jamfest, Cheersport, & NCA) haven't even happened yet.
im gonna go out on a limb and say.... small senior = CALI large senior= F5/WCSS small limited= Brandon
large limited= T & S(its there year i have a feeling) Medium Coed- Georgia/GT Unlim coed= CALI
im thinking that GT Platinum is taking t this year. Georgia hasnt looked that great this year.
In Large Senior, i think its a total toss up between teams, same with small limited. CALI most deff has it for unlimited
i agree with GT but for some reason i think georgia is gonna kill it at worlds. Just my guess but GT is off the hook fersher!
This is def. a "who I want to win" post, not a who will win.
Like someone else said, without Jamfest, NCA, or Cheersport, it's way to early.

I'm def. rooting for all CA teams, but also GT && TG are doing great.
Small Sr. is def. gonna be a hard division this year, with so many talented teams.

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