All-Star Cheersport Results For Large Junior All Girl 5

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Storm was AMAZING. They looked so much better. ICE day 2 had timing issues too- the music stopped early and their pyramid was off. ICE bad day was so much worse than Storms first day. Storm was definitely the better team!!

I wouldn't say that. They are both talented teams, and they both had a rough day. When it came down to it, ICE's routine hit the scoresheet better, they won, and it is what it is. Several teams are also confused about their placements this weekend. Look over a scoresheet and maybe it will become more apparent where ICE outscored SJS.
I may be biased but i have to agree. Those girls looked awesome and showed soo much energy and talent. They're day 2 routine was breathtaking!!! They definatly should have won.
I am sorry, but I hate all this "would've, could've, should've" stuff we tend to see so often after a major event. We have ALL in been the position where we thought we got "robbed". However, when you say things like this on a public message board, even if it is not your intention, you are diminishing the accomplishment of the team that won. It is not their fault they won. The judges scored each team, and the chips fell where they did. I know you are just trying to support the team you like, but in doing that, you are publicly also making the winners probably feel bad or mad or whatever. The results are what they are. Let the winners enjoy it without feeling like maybe they didn't earn it. Not trying to be mean, just saying that I think in supporting the team you like, you are, in effect, making light of the accomplishment of the team that won. That's all I have to say about that. :)
ICE definitely deserved the win. i would've been shocked if they didn't win. ICE had 0 deductions day 1(i think) where storm had deductions both days. I also thought ICE had a lot more energy in their routine. Day 1 when storm dropped the whole group looked ticked for the rest of the routine. Both teams are AMAZING and talented but ICE's routine seemed to hit the scoresheet better and their day 1 routine left room for mistakes on day 2.
I thought SJS day two had an amazing day and Unity did not have the best day. Unity did not hit perfect day one if you watch the video there was a pyramid issue and tumbling bust that I believe was 5 points in deductions maybe a few more which puts our raw score probably mid 430ish. Having watched the video Cheersport put out on scoring I think what saved Unity day two (yes my daughter in on the team) is that we successfully hit the first stunt sequence with 8 stunts through to double down. The two dropped stunts were in the second sequence (9 stunts) which still left us with 7 in the air that completed the sequence. The timing issues are all valid and we werent the same team day two. In the end I think the raw score just happened to be high enough for Unity to squeak out a win. This is only my humble opinion so if I am wrong please don't hesitate to correct me!

Congrats to SJS on finishing Cheersport strong and we wish you the best of the luck the remainder of your season!
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