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Jul 10, 2010
Are there any fun/funny/cute or random traditions your family and/or team do??

My family does Christmas bingo each year where we play for random little gifts that could eventually be useful. My team (with Varsity) always has a Holiday Party at one of the girls house and we do secret Santa gifts
Both of my families have tons of traditions..but I think the two biggest are the games we play. On my Mom's side we play the "dice game"-everyone brings wrapped gifts and usually lotto tickets are hidden somewhere haha and we roll 2 dice and if you roll a 7 or 11 you can pick a gift then if you roll doubles you pick a gift and roll again. Once all the gifts have been distributed everyone opens their gifts and sells them to other people haha especially if you don't want it..Then we set 15min on the clock and the same rules from before apply but you steal the gifts and there is NO limit on how many time a gift can be stealed..it ends when time runs out! haha it gets pretty heated!!

Then on my Dad's side we play the cracker jack game..to be honest I haven't played in about 2-3 years, but hopefully I will if I ever get on a plane to cincy! haha Anyways I vaguely remember it having to do with 2 decks of cards and if your card matches the person selects you pick a gift and then I can't remember how the trading goes, and whoever get's the present with all the cracker jacks gives them to Santa/my grandpa! :) hahaha

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