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Feb 3, 2011
What are some classic cheers. When I started cheerleading everyone had backbeats to a part of their music, and they would have a motion section and cheer. I miss it! I used to know so many more but I forgot them all!

For example:
Stingray, all stars, one of a kind... national champions, one more time... lets go, rays!
We are extreme all stars, the best ever, teal black and white... now and forever.
My team's was always: "The tradition, countinues, as the Starz take the floor, we're racking up titles and we're coming, for more *Starz*

and then awihle back for one or two years it was: "The team you will envy, just wait and see, its the blue, gold and white, S-T-A-R-Z, starz!"
ares was:
the strongest thats out there a family of one no others can stop us to infinity (clap,clap) and beyond!