All-Star Coa Columbus, Oh February 25-27

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Mar 23, 2010
Sorry this is in the wrong place, competitions wouldn't let me post it!
What gyms are going? What teams are you bringing? Who's competing for the worlds bids? Any predictions yet?!

Legacy Xtreme is bringing-
Small Youth 2
Small Junior 3
Small Junior 4
Small Senior Coed 3
Small Senior 5

I think that's it, not sure though.
Pennsylvania Storm
Large junior 2
Small Senior 2 (sickest level 2 team. btw.)
Small Senior level 5.
According to COA's website: 2 Full Paid, 6 At-Large Cheer Bids!

Step 1 Allstars (That I know of)
Small Junior 2
Large Junior 3
Small Junior 5
Small Senior 1 (Half Year team)
Small Senior 2
Senior Coed 4
Semi-Limited Coed 5
Int. Open Coed 5
(Teams I'm not 100%, but mostlikely..)
Special Needs
Tiny 1
Mini 1
I cant remember if we are bringing any other teams but i know pittsburgh pride small senior five is going,
we just got an at large bid at indy
This comp should be interesting. Im sure most teams have at larges...but are going for the 2 Full Paids