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Aug 1, 2010
So I'm a junior in HS right now and have just started applying for colleges. I'm from KC and I'm genuinely surprised how few colleges offer cheer scholarships! Growing up people told me left and right that boy cheerleaders get great scholarships, but that's just not what I'm seein right now:(
I asked my school counselor and she had *no* idea what to do to help me.
I'm planning on going out of state, which makes it even harder on her.
So I'm lookin for somme advice, how do you find colleges to give male cheerleaders scholarships?
How do I go about applying for the scholarships?
What schools should I check out?

Any help is welcome:) Are there any CP's or college cheerleaders on the boards who have been in my position who could direct me? I'm kinda doin this on my own...
I'm kind of doing the same thing, I just looked at the NCA/UCA results, then looked up the programs I was interested in online. Usually the top schools have solid cheer programs, that will at minimum cover the extra cost of out of state tuition. As for applying for the scholarship, most of the schools that do offer them state on the website that it's based on financial need. I think it's up to the coach who they will be awarded to. Also, it never hurts to talk to the coach if you have any questions. It's not much, but hopefully it helps you out.
The only schools off the top of my head that give/gave scholarships regularly are HPU and UK. UK I believe just waives the price of in-state tuition. Not sure about HPU anymore, I thought I read that they have stopped giving the amount of scholarships they use to.

I think that some of the JuCo school might give scholarships like WC, TVCC, and Navarro.

There are several threads here in the college section for scholarships but I don't think that schools specifically give guys scholarships over girls. tons of info and Kat is great at helping out, she got 3 of my former boys full rides!
Junior colleges give the best scholarships for cheer, I go to WC (weatherford college) and im on full tuition and books, TVCC and Navarro offer the same thing. And You cant really "apply" for a cheer scholarship. For the most part you receive scholarships based on your tryouts, which evaluate your individual skills such as tumbling and stunting.