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Feb 4, 2011
Anyone know of any awesome college cheerleading squads that are from california or anywhere else? I'm really looking for info so I can see if I can somehow get a cheerleading scholarship, ah!
Long Beach State, Orange Coast College, Long Beach City College, Glendale College, etc.
Azusa Pacific competes NCATA so they may give out some scholarships for those that they recruit to their team. Most schools don't give out many scholarships for cheer, if any at all though (and definately not a full ride), so look at possible schools you would attend that have a major you want first and think of the scholarships as a bonus unless you have the elite tumbling and stunting skills (specialty to a full,standing 2 to full, etc.) to try and be recruited for an NCATA school. As stated above some schools to look into are Cal State Long Beach, OCC, and San Diego State for strong competitive teams. If you dont have a standing back or more, there's always smaller schools like Cal Poly SLO and Loyola that continue to build and improve each year. You should look up colleges that competed at USA nationals last year to get an idea of where your skills stand compared to these teams, as a lot of California colleges that have serious cheer programs compete there. Good Luck with your search!
Thanks to both of you and I do have elite tumbling and stunting so I will look into everything thanks again :)
Does anyone know if colleges teams look for girls with highschool or allstar cheerleading backround?
There are many different factors that can affect the answer to this question:
-are they competitive or just game day? are they UCA/NCA style? do you come from a highly skilled highly competitive high school? do you compete in high school? do you have a strong allstar program that you were a part of or was it a gym that teaches bad technique? were you a former level 9/10 gymnast that cheered in high school for a couple of years rather than allstar?
What I would say is that college teams look for girls with skills and cleanliness, regardless of where you come from. If you have crazy amazing skills they aren't going to turn you away just because you did one vs. the other. But if you dont have the skill tryout reqs. to begin with, you will get cut right away, hence the reason that many kids come from allstar. Yet these kids many times only want to compete and not cheer at games which is a problem unless its a strictly competitive team like NCATA or Stunt. Ultimately it really depends on the college, but you can never go wrong with a mix...... Allstar for the skills and competition experience, school for the game day experience. Being well rounded is always a plus!
#1-Have the tryout requirements. If they say you need a RO-BHS-Tuck, have it. Don't walk in and do RO-BHS and tell them you'll learn the tuck. If they require standing tuck and a series to a full, have it.

#2-UCA or NCA, you have to be sharp and clean. All Star routines, and now many HS routines have the fast cheer and dance sections. Many time this results in sloppy motions. You need to have sharp, tight, precise motion placement.

#3- You need to have a "collegiate image". That means you need to have simple makeup, non fussy hair with a simple bow, a nice smile (no crazy facials), sharp clean motions/jumps/tumbling, a strong cheer voice, and HEAPS of confidence.
Riverside Community College (RCC). The head coach is one of the coaches at Pacific Coast Magic - Murrieta
Riverside Community and San Diego State are great programs. Sac State used to be legite but has droped down to small coed I think and if you wanna go really west Coast go to HPU or U of Hawaii. Both amazing programs.
Do you know how you can get a scholarship or how much they pay..
I don't think I know anybody who has gotten a cheer scholarship...and if they did I don't think it's something that was handed to them like certain academic scholarships are. You'll probably have to find some website or corporation who is offering scholarships to cheerleaders and sign up and hope you win. Usually I'd say only a couple thousand but I could be wrong.