All-Star Competing Individually?

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Mar 26, 2010
Can y'all help me out with some pros and cons of competing individually?

My daughter is asking to do an individual only next year, and I want to help her make an informed decision.
Maybe I should elaborate. She is asking to compete individually only. She does not want to cheer on an all star team this season, though she is planning to try out rec cheer.

Any thoughts?
Well I have been doing individuals for about 7 or 8 years now and I love it. It gives me a chance to show my "True colors" and its cool because my coach lets me pick out my music, my jump sequence, and each of my tumbling passes. I always have themes doing my individual as well like 2 years ago I did the whole 80s rock theme and last year I did my whole routine to the movie Burlesque. I think that if your daughter wants to try and individual you should let her.
My daughter competed individually for several years as well as with her all star program. Even though it was exciting and wonderful, it didn't compare to the excitement and bond that she shared with her team mates. What fun is it to compete at a competition without having your team mates cheering you on?
Unless you compete at a pagent style cheer comp for individuals it is really is hard to a comp that offers individuals on a serious note. I've been to several in the past that you end up the only one in the division, high entry fees to win a cheesy crappy prize etc. I can only think of maybe 3 in the country that are prestigious enough to even bother with.( IMO)
I'm not sure your even allowed to compete with out a gym but I could be wrong. It becomes exspensive for the coaching, music and choreo. What division would your child enter if they no longer cheered in all star? What uniform would she wear? Where would she practice and who would coach her? Is the coach willing to travel with you to the comps?
Just things to think about!! We have retired from individuals now that we are at a new program because my daughter is now on a team where she can use all her skills. That was the reasoning behind the individuals in the first place.
Good luck!!
Ive done numerous individual, I LOVE them! I havent had a problem finding competitions that offer individual routines, and most of them are comps. that the team is attending anyway, so theyre there to cheer you on. But I guesss that depends on your location and teams competition choice. I think it is a great way to show individual talent and better progress as an all star cheerleader.
I don't do individuals, but I'd really miss stunting if I only did them and not be on the team. Also I'd miss the actual "team" concept. It's like a second family, ya know?
I've only ever done one individual, but it was THE single most nerve wracking thing I've ever done in my life. It was also the experience of a lifetime. I would try to have your CP cheer this next year and maybe do an individual or two through out the season and see if she even likes them. If she does then she can take the next year off from cheer and just do individuals. She might get out there by herself and figure out that she doesn't like it and then what is she going to do for the rest of the season???
My daughter has competed in many individuals over the years, with & without her allstar program. We manly did individuals, because she also did pageants and she need a talent routine. Individuals are exciting and fun, but if you are doing them strictly for cheer competitions & without a team, I don't think it's worth the money. They're fun to do when you have your teammates behind you, but if you are up at it alone, it's not as fun. I would suggest that your CP cheers on a team this season and tries a individual for a couple of competitions out of the season. I even suggest taking her to a couple of local comps without her team, so she can get the feel of being out there, without a team to back her. She may decide that it isn't all that cracked up to be and go back to wanting to just cheer on a team. Good luck with whatever you and your CP chose! :)