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Mar 28, 2011
There is a girl who is working her backhand spring, she has it by herself, but just says over and over "I can't do it" and then nit picks every little detail about what she did wrong. How do you get her confidence up? Everyone tells her how pretty her backhand springs are and how she has it by herself, but she doesn't believe in herself.
video it and show it to her
My confidence about my bhs is really bad: I dont have it alone tho. Usually what one of the other girls does is record it on a cellphone so I can watch it. Also they cheer me on. That always helps =)
i have the same problem, but in stunting as well. just make her do it, for me, it's just about telling me to do it until i give in because just spotting her or standing there doesn't help at all. after she realizes she can do it, then she'll also believe the comments everyone says as well:)
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