All-Star Congrats To Jordan Marie Head Coach At Green Bay Elite (please Vote)

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Dec 15, 2009
I haven't posted on this board in forever but an exciting thing has happened to one of our amazing head coaches at Green Bay Elite.

Jordan Marie Morkin was just name MISS WISCONSIN USA 2011. She was first funner up last September and was so excited, but now has been named officially Miss Wisconsin USA. She will represent our great state at the Miss USA pageant in LAS VEGAS NEVADA and will be nationally broadcasted on NBC June 19, 2011.

She is so excited and can't wait to bring more knowledge to the world about our AMAZING SPORT THAT WE ALL ADORE. She is living her dream and so excited!! She was also a proud member of the University of Louisville all girl, and Team USA.

We are so excited and can't wait. Please support her and like the Miss Wisconsin USA fan page!

We also need for you to help her and vote for her to be a top 16 finalist at the Miss USA Pageant for the first year ever they have internet voting and we can pick our finalist!!

Please go to and place your vote for Miss Wisconsin USA.

WE are so excited and know she will represent our CHEER COMMUNITY proudly.

Happy voting and thank you so much for your time!!

All of us at Green Bay Elite!
Thank you so much everyone! Her platform and almost everything on her bio is rockin our all star cheer industry! It is so exciting!! Thank you for your support!
I voted for her too. I like that her picture makes her look like just an All American girl. Some of the pictures of the contestants look a little .. eh, provacative?