Conneticut This Week?

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Feb 3, 2011
whose going this week?
just cheer's gonna be there
Predictions for winners for any divisons?
I'll just take this to top 3 prediction.. too hard to pinpoint one with such large divisions. In smaller divisions I'll do top 1 or 2
Mini 1: Pro! Soo fierce!
Sm Youth 1: USA, Spirit, CVP
Junior 1: Sparks, USA
Sm Senior 2: ECE, Spirit, Extreem, Full House
Lg Senior 2: ECE CT, Sparks, Cheer Factor
Sm Junior 3: Valley, Spirit, extreem
Youth 3: Pro, ECE, Spirit
Sm Senior 3: ECE, Keystone, CNY
Junior Coed 3: USA, ECE
Lg Senior 3: CVP, USA, CC Champs
Lg Senior 4.2: ECE, Valley, Core
Lg Senior Coed 4: ECE
Limited Coed: USA, ECE, Sparks.. maybe Pro if they hit?
Sm Senior 5: ECE, Spirit Central, Cheer Tyme
International Open Coed 5: ECE, Spirit
Lg Senior Open 5: Sparks

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