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All-Star Covid-19 / Varsity Response


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Hi- is anyone concerned with the lack of communication from Varsity regarding covid-19? My gym just confirmed 2 comps over the next few weeks and honestly I am shocked. My very large finance company is almost all virtual, festivals are canceled, March madness canceled. I find it
very odd that 1000 of athletes and parents will be filling conventions center across the country this weekend... anyone else?


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My daughter is off to UCA this weekend. I have told her no sharing communal water....wiping hands on airplane, after practice/warmups/competition. I did not expect to be canceled as varsity is money hungry unfortunately. Coach has told everyone they can leave after competing. Elderly, people with health issues should not go! I am hoping Ocean City cancels in 2’weeks! Spiritfest i heard has postponed?
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March Madness isn’t cancelled... only essential personnel (coaches, trainers, TV crews) and family members will be allowed to watch. Kinda nitpicky, but the tournament’s not completely cancelled. Going to be a weird year, but rock chalk!


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The situation is evolving hour by hour....it will be an interesting few weeks. Several people I know (who do not have any inside information) think that Worlds/Summit will be canceled.


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I was just wondering the same thing and asked Bluecat about it in the CA thread this morning. I find the news very confusing, so many companies/events responding one way. But then hearing from dr’s & specialists, just thoroughly wash your hands.


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Honestly before covid-19 I would cringe anytime we went into the bathroom at my daughter’s gym. The athletes never wash their hands, most would grab a quick dollop of hand sanitizer and run back out. It makes me wonder if it’s smart to even send her to practice or if I’m overreacting to the situation.

And I’m extremely worried about our economy.


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Welp, Trump just announced a blanket ban on all flights entering the U.S. from Europe.

I would like to see him try to implement that without causing chaos.


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I said earlier the situation is evolving by the hour; the NBA just suspended their season. This is going to be a wild ride.


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im gonna go ahead and expect worlds to be cancelled. I wanna think that if even one or a few cases pops up in orlando/orange/seminole county before worlds they might be done. But crazier things have happened....


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Varsity's response has been the exact opposite of all other events and leagues:

Figure Skating: cancels Worlds.
Biggest Rodeo on Earth: cancels.
NBA: nope.

Varsity: continues with UCA which while it is not huge, draws people from everywhere in including International teams regularly.

It's weird.


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Their only way around it might be to not sell tickets to spectators... Give special tickets to parents and coaching staff and have a closed competition.
But logistically that still wouldn't make sense considering how many athletes there are...


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I think that given what we know about Varsity, they will not cancel any event unless they are legally forced to. No matter how much outrage it may draw, I think the cost of cancelling large scale events like Worlds/Summit would outweigh the negative press they feel they'd get for continuing on. With that being said, if Florida or the federal government puts some form of a ban down, that's probably the only way we'll see anything actually get cancelled.

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