High School Cradle With A Sign

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Nov 14, 2010
hi all! curious if a cradle with a sign is legal in Minnesota. I saw a team do it at nationals, but just wanted to know. The AACCA rules state:
"Basket tosses, toe pitch tosses, elevator/sponge tosses or similar tosses are limited to no more than four tossers and must be dismounted to a cradle position by two of the original bases, plus an additional spotter at the head and shoulder area. These tosses may not be directed so that the bases must move to catch the top person. The top person may not hold any objects (poms, signs, etc.) during the toss. (This rule does not apply to a “Quick Toss.”)"

There is also another rule for cradles however, and it never says you can't have props.

"Cradle dismounts from multi-based tosses require one spotter in addition to the original base(s)."

It's illegal. If I remember correctly, the team that did it last year at Nationals received a rather hefty penalty deduction.
hmm, oh well i'm taking it out. I think its a grey area since it never comes out and says no cradles with signs.. and I don't feel like fighting it all year. Thanks for your help!
the rule that the safety judge referenced was C:12 in AACCA. It says no tosses with props.. a cradle isn't defined as a toss. I have no idea what rules we officially follow in Minnesota. I know a lot of coaches don't like NFHS because they don't define us as a sport.