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Jan 1, 2010
Our Gym needs new warm-ups for next season!!!! Any good companies anyone knows of ???
Thank you!!!!
ya i used to have gk warm ups 4 gymnastics b4 i started cheer and they are cute and rly comfy!
nyce cheer is a small local company in Boise, Idaho. She make all of are uniforms and warm ups and the girls say they are super comfy and warm. Its cold up her in Idaho. She is really great and really listens to what you want and will make it happen. Best customer service I have every recieved and everything is done in a super timely manner.
YAY! We must be heading up out of the economic doldrums when gyms are deciding to order new warmups again!
Ive been wearing GK warm ups since my gymnastics days...but this yeah my team got sofee warm ups...suprisingly comfy...I sleep in the pants sometimes
I have always had a very good experience with GTM Sportswear. They have plenty of variety, great turnaround times, and have very good prices. Their customer service is also very good.