OT Dante's Inferno??

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Aug 7, 2010
Hey y'all fierceboarders, i've searched high and low trying to figure this out so i decided to reach out to my fierce community.

Does anyone know why Medusa is in Circle 6?
Don't know for sure if this is correct, however, the sixth circle was for heretics. According to different legends about Medusa: 1. she was either born with the snake hair, 2. she was a beautiful woman who bragged she was more beautiful than a goddess (or all goddesses) - a form of disrespect/heresy, or 3. she was a priestess of Athena and conducted an affair with a god (Poseiden?) in Athena's temple - another form of disrespect to the gods, in this case Athena.
Just had our final exam in Literature about Inferno. It killed me :(
I have no idea why she's in Circle 6. Should've asked my teacher about it. :)
Depending on how you read it, The City of Dis would not be circle 6, rather, the gate or entrance to the Capitol of Hell. She wasnt truly considered a Heretic, rather a figure who makes her own rules. A tormentor of souls if you will, an infernal fury.
blahhh this was the most torture I had to go through for my senior year. I hope you figure it out, I definitely don't remember, I tried to forget all about it.
I'm at a Mexican resturaunt for Spanish Club and the only people here are me and my instructor... Awkward..