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Jun 27, 2011
Would you rather be a small part of a big team, with the same high drive that will progress as a team and you might get to fly there if you earn your spot, or a bigger part of two smaller teams where you have the most drive, are sure of flying there and the existing team members never progresses?
A Small part of a big team. Everybody has a part on the team (big or little). ,&& If your concern is flying,.. everyone wants to be in the spotlight but, no flyer wants to be in the spotlight when the stunt comes down cause your usually the first to get blamed but, I would definitely say a small part of a big team!
small part of a big team for sure! not only will you progress, but the motivation and drive from everyone else will continue to make you progress and try your best! you can definetly work your way to the top :) even if its not all perfect at first, it'll get better as long as you try hard and stay focused on what you want!! goodluck:)

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