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Mar 29, 2010
So I am just wondering if anyone can touch on the different competition companies scoring systems. Like what makes each competition's score sheets different? I have read the scores sheets but still find the differences to be fuzzy. Essentially, what kind of routine wins at Jamfest vs. CheerSport vs. NCA vs. UCA vs. Spirit Sports vs. Athletic Championships vs. COA, Worlds, etc. Is it difficulty, a clean routine, execution, etc. The difference in scoring systems could make a difference for an entire program since each has difference styles and strengths. This could also explain why certain companies are preferred, such as NCA. What are the differences that make each company more appealing, or sets them apart from another?

I am just trying to organize things in my head. And I think since there can be so much confusion on scoring, this could clarify questions for a lot of people during nationals and worlds season.
Thanks for the links to the score sheets, but like I said- I have read them and know others have too before aking. But it can still end up confusing with the different companies and their styles. I was hoping for a discussion in simpler terms to really break down the differences without the technical talk to understand why certain teams do better at certain competitions. For instance, I've heard that F5 does well on the Jamfest score sheet. Why? What does their routine fulfill that makes them hit that score sheet so well, but they may not hit it as well somewhere else.

Not using F5 for any reason, just have remembered recent discussion about them. Some clarification please? :)
i dont know a whole lot about this topic but i do know that Spirit Sports changed their score sheets(last year i think?) to "reward" the athletes for what they do. so there are no deductions for stunts bobbling and the change goes in the execution category. this is good i guess if you keep your stunts up, but it also makes a fall a HUGE difference. It also makes the difference in 1st and 2nd a lot closer and more frustrating