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Jul 26, 2010
If I put a (for example) cheer extreme logo on a sports bra or something, would that be 'illegal?' Does Cheer Extreme have copyright on that? Or World Cup with their logo?
All original works are copyrighted to their owner.

But if someone uses your logo to go do their own thing there isn't a law that goes after them. You have to spend your own time and money to go after them, but you can.
I think all gyms have a copyright on their logos. Not just large gyms. My daughters' first gym was fairly small (about 100 girls) and their logo was copyrighted. I tried to get a car sticker through someone else because theirs were too expensive, but no one would do it because they didn't want to replicate the logo.

That being said, I think most people make shirts and such all the time with a logo on them without permission. Unless you're going to start SELLING them, I don't think Cheer Extreme is going to come after you. Only when you start profitting off it.
ECE has a clause in their contract that basically states that their logo is copyrighted and cannot be used on any unauthorized items.
Our logo (and name) are federally registered trademarks. (Copyright technically deals with other things, but we know what you mean.)

It is somewhat expensive to do, but it gives you legal protection against someone else using your mark in a confusing way. No one is allowed to put the logo, or use the name (or anything confusingly similar) without our permission.

You do have some rights to a mark just by using it first - with or without registering a trademark. Registering it just makes it much clearer and much easier to win a lawsuit if it comes to that.
Yes, we ( CEA ) have a US Trademark number on our logo and therefore exclusive rights to use it on apparel or anything else.
Do most gyms in america have a logo?! Like here in the UK, we have maybe our gym name in the same font everytime, nothing like picturescue<3 *sorry for spelling*!

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