All-Star Doubles!?

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Mar 19, 2010
Ok, I need some help. I had my double almost two years ago and when I first got it it was simple, almost easier than a full. I lost it a few months later, but got it back again. I've been losing it and getting it back on and off over this past year and a half. It seems to get worse and harder each time I get it back. Then, I lost it again, I can't seem to get it back this time though. I do it on the rod floor and its a 1 1/2 every time. I can't seem to make it around which is odd because I'm a really fast spinner and used to have plenty of time left in my flip after I'd already completed two spins.Any tips????
i am going through a similar thing with my double i have it then lose it then get it back then injure myself....its never ending! i am going to start working on it maybe get myself into to the gym a few extra days and hopefully it will stick...i think repetition will work!
keep pulling! not sure whats happening for you to keep stopping at the 1.5 but dont upen up. keep your arms in and just pull a little more. for me if i think of it as a double full i wont go for it....but if i think of it as a 1.5 with another half then ill go for it....idk its weirdd. haha
Did you grow? I've seen a lot of athletes go through growth-spirts and end up losing skills because they are doing them the way they use to be able to before they got bigger and then have to reteach themselves or learn it a new way with their "new body".
Try focusing on keeping your body in line (Shoulders, hips and toes) I know I had trouble before I started focusing on keeping myself inline. Hope all goes well!
Yes, i have grown a lot which I'm sure is part of the problem. So, I have to re learn it?