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Jan 27, 2011
Hi, I need help on creating back beats/drum loops. Where do you usually create back beats/drum loops for your mix or is there a way to download it? Thanks! :)
You can use Garage Band if you have a mac that has pre-programmed beats or you can midi program them. FruiteyLoops (sp?) is also a good program if you have a PC. Also my husband can make them for you and if you can download mp3 format he can send them to you. His email is [email protected] or you can go to the website, same as the end of the email.
Thanks for the info! I'll visit that website.
I have a Breakbeat kit that is the industry standard. All of the Top Mixers use them. I sequenced the drums and tweaked the levels so it cuts straight through the music. The kit is only $50. It comes with 150 breakbeats and about 50 drum samples! email me at [email protected] or PM me, or hit me on Facebook at
Thanks for all of the emails! I had no idea that so many people need these. For all of you that got the kit so far and future peepz... If you need help getting the beatz to pop out through the music... I have awesome EQ settings for each beat in the kit. I'll pass em to you or help you tweak your self. PM me or email me at [email protected].
So many more inquiries on the kit! WOW! Little dilema... I left the harddrive with the kit in VA! So Ican't send any kits out. I'll be home next Tuesday and I promise to get all of the kits out. Sorry about that. Luckily cheer music is slowed down, kinda! What up New Zealand and my frinds in AUS! Music coming soon! Yall ain't ready!