OT Earthquake On The East Coast!

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Dec 15, 2009
Anyone else feel it?

I felt my bed shaking, I didn't even think it was an earthquake, I just thought my bed was possessed!
Even people in Boston felt it! Crazy. I didn't feel anything though haha
I felt it here in PA. Thought I was going crazy until i saw my iced tea shaking along with the lampshade! My kids felt it too, freaked them out
My couch started shaking and me and my mom just looked at each other and she thought it was me shaking it! But then about 10 minutes later we turned on the news and saw it was an earthquake. I would of never thought it was unless I turned on the tv, haha. And I live in New Jersey.
I was at a UCA camp in the Adironack Mountains and we didn't feel it but all of our families had called us to see if we felt it.
Had to share...