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Mar 23, 2010
how much did everyone get? we got about 21 inches where i live..

13 inches on my deck, but it's still snowing! if i take a good picture of it all, i'll post it!
I'd rather no snow too. I enjoy shorts and tank tops, not puffy winter jackets and mittens... On the bright side, it stopped snowing where I live.

it stopped snowing here too... but we're supposively not allowed to drive on the roads, soo im still stuck in my house. then tommorow, i get to shovel snow.. fun. well last year i got to shovel snow for my birthday, not cool.
They were predicting 12-18 inches. I got up early yesterday, went to the grocery store and stocked up on food. Gassed up the car. I was all prepared to be snowed in for at least 2 days. We have 5 inches. I'm annoyed, so we're pretending we're snowed in!
So I got about 13 inches (just a guess, I've only measured one spot). A few towns over got 16 inches, and a few more towns over from there got 20 inches. I only like snow when it's the first coating and it's really pretty :) this has gotta go.
Hahah, WHAT?! I didn't think y'all got snow! You have more than we do in Wisconsin!

the northeast is ALL about snow and cold in the winter. lol my mom could barely get the door open this morning. i cant tell exactly how much weve got because the wind has blown it around so much. but weve got a ton and its still coming down pretty hard
so this might be a dumb question, but does anyone go to work? cheer? or does everything just completely shut down?!
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