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Jan 12, 2011
I had several elbow luxations. I had about 4 months of rehab so far and in about a month ill be ok to train again. I'm feeling a little insecure for tumbling and stunting (base) so I would like to get a good elbow support. (I told my doctor but he doesnt seem to understand the intensity of allstar cheerleading, he said ill just be fine). Those I tried so far are too stiff or dont offer enough support.

anyone knows a good brand?
This is where I bought my daughter's brace:
She has a neoprene brace and it provides her enough support and is comfortable. Although, I think you've mentioned before that your injury was a bit more severe than my daughter's. There are a number of other elbow braces on this site as well. Maybe something here will help. Good luck!
I sprained my elbow and they told me its was badly and they were about to put me in a splint, but they didn't, so I was just in a sling. What helped me was exercising and moving it every day, for example I would squeeze a stress ball, lift a large can of pork and beans and just conitued to bend it and not bare a lot of weight. I had about a month off from cheer and when I came back I had my brace on and went back into the swing of things. Of cousre you are going to be nerves, I know i was with tumbling again because thats how I injured it, in a tumbling collision. But I started out with just stunting for one week and then the following week tumbling and I felt no pain, but my muscle was a little sore. Just listen to your doctors.

I got m brace from:
and used the Bauerfeind Epitrain Elbow brace from the Elastic section. Mainly, because thats where my injury was at.