Ever Had This Happen? (scoresheets)

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Jan 20, 2011
We had a competition today and our Jr. L 3 team was given a 0 (ZERO) for baskets from on of the judges, while the other judges actually gave a score (because we had two baskets). Obviously the comp is over, how would you handle this? The baskets area had a total score potential of 30 points. One judge gave us 29 and the other 28, then a big fat ZERO?? What to do? Leave it? Contact the company?
I would definitely contact the event producer and ask for an explanation.
something similar happended to us in Indy...we had 8 layouts go and they said that we had level 2 tumbling.Just contact sombody and see if they can re watch the tape
We had 2 baskets with a single turn each and both were executed. That was our thought, we'd send copies of the scoresheets along with video of the routine. Thanks for your advice. :)