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Dec 14, 2009
We all know the economy has hit some places in the country harder than others. We are in a large blue collar area where many factories and business have shut their doors. Other parts of the country have seen a decline in unemployment but we are still seeing factories shut down. In fact it happened again today.

So my question - when a family has to pull their child from a program due to monetary reasons (they already had to do all the fundraisers just to participate to start off with) what is reasonable to expect them to still pay. At this point uniforms have already been ordered (1/2 paid upfront, 1/2 due when they come in). Choreography has already been completed and paid out to choreographers but TOMORROW was when the final installment was due for the kids. Tuition is due tomorrow as well, but obviously they wouldn't be expected to pay that since they are not going to be using the practice time.

Is is acceptable to expect them to pay for the rest of the uniform (when it comes in) and for the rest of choreography (since it has been completed) ? I don't want to be unreasonable but...
I don't think it would be completly unreasonable to ask them to pay for the uniform. Maybe if they can't do that you could at least ask for a portion of it since it would otherwise have to come out of them gyms money.

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I would ask them to pay for the uniform and then they could resell it to a new person who might join later. If they decline, I would probably just offer the uniform to comeone else.

Choreography money WOULD NOT be refunded. They participated in it already..

Does your gym have a handbook? Ours does and it clearly states what is refundable, non refundable, etc.
I think a uniform is a deliverable that was already ordered specifically for her. That wouldhave to be paid, but would assist in selling.

Choreography is a service. No matter if the entire team decided to never compete the choreography the service wasprovided and it must be paid for.

Competition fees and tuition for the year ison a per gym basis, but would imagine those would probably be refunded if not used.

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Agree with Kingston. I know at our gym though our mom that handles all the uniform stuff would probably tell you that she would try and sell it for you and help get your money back.
This is a hard one. If a family is having money problems and has to pull their child from cheer you may have to wait a while for any kind of money from this family due to the fact they HAVE MONEY PROBLEMS! The uniform can be resold to another kid that joins the team or another team member. A gym owner may have to do this it's part of business. As far as choragraphy and tution fee's again if a family is pulling their kid because they can't pay ah.... how can you expect them to pay. You may have to eat that one to, but may be able to recoup some if a new member joins. Hey this is part of doing business. I know people that have lost their jobs and there homes. Really would you expect someone who has lost their job and house to be able to pay?
i don't know if i would ask for the uniform money. will the company that made the uniform take it back? is it possible another girl might join and need the uniform? and in that case, the gym can pay for it now and then she can pay for it later. i know a few gyms always order extra uniforms just in case someone does show up mid season.

as for choreography, like kingston said, it is a service that has already been completed. she needs to pay for that. it's like the "you ate the sandwich, now don't tell me you aren't going to pay for it." but maybe you can make a deal with the family so they can pay it off slowly instead of one big check.

everything else though, i would clear. so no more tuition fees, coaching fees, and the competition fees. however, the fees that already have been paid for coaching should be kept by the gym.
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