Favorite Illinois Cheerleading Teams??

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Apr 7, 2010
hey there,
so i would have to say that allstar rebels is my favorite gym! they are a very talented gym and they are very kind to everyone! who is your favorite gym??
Ultimate Athletics is probably my favorite large, well-known gym. They are very talented and keep growing year after year. Their routines are always jam packed and fun to watch, no matter what level.

In terms of smaller, probably lesser-known programs, I would say some of my favorites are Allstar Rebels, Cheer Alliance, and Cheer Command. Allstar Rebels has a great, very talented group of girls on their small senior 5 team this year, and I think it's incredible that they're already going to Worlds on a full paid bid considering this is their 1st year competing in level 5, and both Cheer Alliance and Cheer Command have been very talented year after year and I can never wait to see what they'll bring to the table.
i have to go with ICE (formerly ICC). the program is amazing this year! regardless of all the junk they have gone through this year, i think they are hands down the best all around program...and i am from another illinois gym. just my thought. :)

i honestly couldn't agree more. their teams have gone through a lot and still pull out clean and exciting routines! i cant wait to see how the rest of their season goes. they are a very talented group of athletes! they are for sure my second favorite!
ICE. The talent they have in both guys and girls is unreal and have been on the brink of breaking through every year. I believe you can expect even better things now that there under such a strong gym as ICE.
is layton athletics in illinois and are they level 5?

yes. why else would i have mentioned them in a thread that's about illinois teams? they don't have any level 5 teams. this is only their second or third season and i think they have 9 teams. they are definitely the NICEST people in the illinois cheerleading scene.