Favorite Teams In The East!

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Nov 30, 2010
Everybody favors the teams down south, how about the teams in the east like in Mass, Connecticut, Maine and New York!
I personally like Spark Allstars and CT Spirit Allstars!
just saw the pa shirt and thought Id day that there are missing teams on it, no so profesional

Please message me if you see any missing teams on the PA Shirt. One team was unintentionally omitted and the design has already been corrected. I simply volunteered to do the shirt and gathered input from gym owners around PA to compile the list of teams attending with a request to many to gather all of the gyms. No professionalism or lack thereof is intended in the design.
My favorites are: 1) my gym Cheer Intensity<3
4)Spirit Central
5)Usa Wildcats
6)cc Champs
7) Pro Athletics
8) South Jersey Storm
9)Jersey Allstars
Definitely East Celebrity Elite! (my 2 nieces are on it) :D
Pro Athletics - Just saw them compete this past weekend for the first time, and I was absolutely amazed with every single one of their teams!

Those are my 2 favorites from Massachusetts :cool:
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