Favorite teams music?

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Dec 3, 2010
i have lot of teams music on my ipod:)
as of right now, i love california bullets allstars, stingrays allstars smoke, Odyssey(lastyear), Cheer extreme (this and last years) and shooting stars lastyear.
whos music do you like?
i really like coed elite's (and senior elite's) music this year and youth elite's last year but i loved (even though its older) wcss 07-08 and senior elite worlds 08. alltime favorites:)
Stingray Smoke 2009 <3
Cali Sm Sr 2011 <3
WC SS 2008, 2011 <3
Senior Elite 2009, 2010, & 2011 <3
Youth Elite 2011 <3
BY FAR, WCSS 2008. I keep telling my coaches that we need fashionista as our dance music one year.
and I do love Rays Platinum 2010. its so awesome!