All-Star Feels The Need To Air Everyone's Business

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Jan 21, 2011
I need some help with a situation. We have someone at our gym who feels the need to blast, blog, post, update and just generally blab everyone's business every chance they get. If you are going to put your own life and situation out there that is one thing but to post private information about others, even if it is done behind a screen name is taking it too far in my opinion. 1. It doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out who some people are and 2. If you are told something in confidence it's so disrespectful to repeat it to anyone, even in general terms. Do any other gyms have a town crier and if so how do you handle them?
I know that if its a kid (which we've had before) we talk to them, tell them how bad it is and try to guide them they are still young and we try to teach them between wrong and right. If it continues we take further action as we wont allow kids to be that rotten apple in our tree. If its a parent.... it only takes 1 time for our owner to be like thats enough....and if it doesn't stop theres a risk that the parent wont be allowed back in the viewing area or we'll close the parent viewing room and no one can watch because we don't want bad things being said and rumors going around, true or not.

Thats just us, hope that helps and it gets better!
Have you tried talking to this person? I mean face-to-face. The important thing to establish is whether or not this person is doing it maliciously or if they are just a little bit oblivious to the fact that they are being inappropriate. I mean, if you tell someone something in confidence, specifically say DO NOT repeat this to anyone, and they blab it out, that's one thing. But, what if they are just not aware of whether or not that information was inappropriate to share? Some people just don't have as good a concept as others as to what is ok and not ok to talk about, and who it is ok to talk about those things with. Especially if this person may be from another program, where things may have been done very differently. Or, if they are the type of person who

Some people need things spelled out for them, literally... "XYZ is ok to talk about, ABC is not.... this is why..." Give this person a reason for why they are being inappropriate, how it is effecting your program, etc. Don't automatically write them off. They may just have had no concept of what they were doing, and will probably feel pretty bad once you point out to them that they are causing damage to others. Just lay it out in front of them- what is expected of them, who is privy to what information, etc- and let them know that you are seriously unhappy with what they are doing, and expect them to change their actions immediately.