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Dec 14, 2009
So, I LOVE my ALL-STAR experience and still have a child in that wonderful world. I also have a child in the NCAA- CHEER (NSATA) world. She recently had a concussion and from miles away it is EXTREMELY reassuring that the coaches, trainers, doctors and athletic administration are ALL walking in unison in following the NCAA concussion protocol.

We ALL know that many kids would CERTAINLY NOT speak up when they are hurt, out of fear that they might miss something or might get taken out of a spot (that is a nightmare for coaches to rework the routine...seems like EVERY WEEK). MY brainiac...even tried to fake the concussion test (the mental one of course)....HA! The doctors, trainers and coaches prevailed!!! Yes, she is out for this meet/competition...BUT SHE IS FAR BETTER OFF in the long run. It's WONDERFUL having the NCAA behind these athletes. THANK YOU!

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