Front Flip With Twist

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Feb 3, 2011
Last year our choreographer had put a front flip from sponge to sponge that had a full twist at the end. I cannot, for the life of me, remember the grip or how he taught it. We struggled with it for months and finally changed the skill there. The kids seem to have blocked it out of their memories, too. Can anyone help???
Level 4. It was a variation of the generic front flip from sponge to cradle flip that is everywhere in level 3. As the top girl rotated, she twisted, more on the 2nd half.
What we did this last practice might have been something like that:
The Flyer starts in a sponge an grabs the backspots hands. Then the bases and backspot dip/throw her (She needs to keep her arms tight all the way so the backspot can push her up.). The flyer needs to pull her behind upwards first to get through her/the backspot's arms. She then tries to pull through a handstand-like position.

At the highest point, the backspot crosses arms and the flyer looks to the left. That initiates the twist. We haven't yet tried to catch her in a sponge after the twist but I guess you could, if the timing was good.

But maybe what you are doing is something entirely different. ;)