All-Star Full Up Machine

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Yay!! Thats our gym
I have heard they work great!!!
PM me or something, let me know how!!! AWESOME:)
ok I'll try to make a picture later today and explain how we made it. it doesnt look alike, but it does the same thing. we tried it a few times now and it works well. I didnt want to spend too much money on it, because once they manage to do the skill, it's kinda useless.
Coool, I want to know as well!! It would be so awesome, if flyers got to practise the move without constantly stepping on me. xD
they are pretty expensive but honestly, the girls I demo for have one and its a waste. Its difficult to use because you need to to have someone hold the pedal and spin the girl and then you need to have perfect timing to make her stop gently and not fly off!

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