Fullups To Extension!

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Jul 31, 2010
Can I please have some tips for all spots, our group is getting there, like we get the twist but then it just falls down. Thanks!
I'm a main base so i only really know person tips for that position.
1. You NEED to keep your arm completely locked out when the stunt hits the top
2. You NEED to stay under the foot. when i was first learning these this was the one thing i could not get, its eaisy to let the foot float in front of you.
3. DEATH GRIP the foot once your done twisting it

good luck:)
These are things we worked on when we had issues with them:
- Sometimes the main base twists out from the elbow rather than keeping the elbow in (if that makes sense?).
- Depending on how you load, get your back or your side to give a lot of vertical pop so the main doesn't have so much pressure on her twisting arm and can easily rotate and get under it.
- Your back can catch ankles to hold it up if your main isn't catching the foot in time.
- Check your flyer isn't trying to initiate her own rotation early because this can throw it out, but locks vertical and twists at the top (only need to turn your head to your shoulder, too much and you'll go flying).

Remember the flyer is stuck in an imaginary tube and should go straight up! (I like to think of Augustus Gloop in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory getting sucked up the pipes, but y'know, whatever works for you.)
for flyers: stay tight and just look over your shoulder, and keeps your hands by your sides. Like @Edie said pretend you can in a tube to help you to stay strait. also if the stunt is falling back make sure your staying tight all the way to the top!
First off, don't learn a full up to the top as an extension, do it as a cupie/awesome/platform, bc a fliers feet should stay together. Flier-spin late, feet together, LOCKED legs. Main-elbow in, elbow to your ear, open back hand BIG, Instep/Second Base-stay close to Main Base, catch foot as EARLY as possible, open hands WIDE. Backspot, catch early and if it falls its your fault (lol on the backspot that's just what I say bc usually the backspot has the first opportunity to help/make stunt hit) GOOD LUCK!!
Sometimes this is too much for the flier to think about, but sometimes it is REALLY helpful...

As you stand up and look, take your left foot and put it in front of your right, pointing your left toe to the right. So the middle of your left foot is touching the toe of your right foot.

This way, the secondary base can grab the flier's toe when she is about halfway to 3/4's of the way around. It also insures that the flier isn't going to drag her foot behind her.

Main base focus on locking your right elbow and keeping her over your nose.

Don't have a lot of experience backing or secondary basing but I hope those things help! Post a video when you get it!
Yeah sorry I meant that we do it up to awesome, it looks horrible up to extension haha!
Thank you soooo much for the great advice everyone, hopefully we start hitting from now on :)
Can I please have some tips for all spots, our group is getting there, like we get the twist but then it just falls down. Thanks!

Ok you said you get up there but cant hit it. First check to see if the flyer is putting weight in her left foot...if so then she just needs to even out her weight by pulling up and staying tight. If that doesnt work make sure the side base is catching the foot the first chance they get. INSTEAD OF: just throwing and leaving their hands up ask them to try and reach to the back (toward the backspots head). Even though the twist happens so quick and you really cant see the foot until its in your hands...if your flyers feet stay together it will land in the side bases hands. If that still doesnt work have the side base turn her hands so their fingers are facing toward her head (INSTEAD OF: fingers facing away from each other with wrists together...sometimes the side bases fingers will get in the way of the foot and it throws the flyer off). Still not working? Could be what others have already said....that the main is backing out or bending their arms or the backspot isnt helping out in time. Fullups are SUPER simple once the group gets the hang of it...just like any other stunt. Try not to think of it as a full up. I get to teach younger girls how to do these skills so I have to break it down best I can. Usually its the first two things I told you and it fixes within a couple tries. I will say this is one thing our gym as always done and we use to do them extremely sloppy and wrong but we have mastered them. The past two years our teams start out doing fullups day 1 of practice. Just takes practice, keep working you will get it! Good luck! Keep us updated please! If its still not working try getting a video of it and we can probably help you more specifically. :)
Make sure the flyer isn't "butting" out. Also make sure the flyers heels doesn't fall back. As for back spots....if she comes down, PUSH her back up..this goes for bases as well. Bases jobs is to make sure she doesn't hit the ground.
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