OT (game) Kill The Ant...

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Jun 24, 2010
So one person says a reason the ant didn't die in the last post.. then tries to kill the ant themselves.

Poster 1: An ant is stepped on and dies

Poster 2: A Veterinarian was there to bring him back to life.
The ant is thrown in the ocean.

Poster 3: Life guard brings it back to shore, and does CPR.
Ant randomly for no reason catches on fire.

And so on and so forth.... So now i'll start :)

Someone sprays the ant with Raid...
The ant survives by using its super powers gained from the lightning to escape the dogs digestive system (idk how yet either)

The ant gets squished.
the ant was just in a crack never squished.

the ant was burned up by a little boy with a magnifying glass.