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I can't get into the chat room- when i click on it at the top, it just brings me to another copy of the current fierceboard page I'm on?

ETA- I've never been in before, so if there is a different way to get in and i'm doing something done, i apolagize in advance ;)
what browser are you using?
You all can only enter from the main page?

I have ben able to enter anywhere into it.
If you use anything BUT IE you will have better luck with the site in general. IE 9 is even ok.
I can enter anywhere form Google Chrome as well.

I can't chat with IE7 at work but I can IM.

I just tested from all over with IE8. I can enter from either the main page, the "Subscription", or "New Thread" options. Everywhere else it displays a copy of the main page. When I do get into chat with IE8, I can resize the overall window, but the chat portion stays very small (only about 4 lines of chat)

Sticking with Google chrome