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Feb 28, 2010
I just found my old glitter that I had to use a few years ago for my team and I was thinking about wearing the black for our Halloween practice since I'm being a kitty. But I don't have the glue anymore. Does anyone know a cheap/homemade adhesive I can get?
Lipgloss; put it on top of liquid eye liner; or sometimes I just spray a lot of hairspray on my glitter brush and while it's still wet stick it in the glitter and put it on.
Also elmers glue after it dries just peels off, but dont put it on your eyelids or eyebrows haha.......it works well for glitter cheek designs though!
I believe hairspray should not go anywhere near your eyes, neither elmers glue, and lip gloss creases... chapstick can work but then again it is not meant for your eyes. sorry that i'm no fun, but it seems most safe for your eyes. You can use liquid eyeliner, and put then put the black glitter on (I've done that, and went to concert with it and it stayed on)
Don't ever put rubbing alchohol near your eyes... if you want to disinfect your brush, go ahead, but using it as an adhesive, DONT DO IT...

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