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Cheer Parent
Nov 13, 2010
I'm wondering if any of you know anything about the gyms in the Charlotte, NC area. It may not even be happening, but we are considering a possible move, and we're wondering where might be a good place for our cp. Thanks!
I have heard nothing but good things from Charlotte AS. There is a mom from Charlotte on the boards I believe..... I'm sure she could give you more info about everything! :)
The Best gym in Charlotte is Charlotte Allstars, they have been in business for 20 years, one of the oldest programs in the industry, a Great reputation, Owners, Coaches, kids that have stayed with the program for many years. I was a coach there from 06-09, and I would reccommend them Highly to anyone coming into the area. Check them out by calling 704-841-8407, and ask for Lindsay Wilson, she is the Director of the program......:)
Depending on what level your CP is the CEA Lake Norman gym is not far from Charlotte, nor is Kville depending on how far you're willing to drive. Charlotte Allstars is also great, but I gotta rep my own gym.
There are plenty of gyms in the Charlotte area. You will want to think about how far you want to travel from where you live, and the level at which your daughter would cheer. Charlotte Allstars is on the southeast side of the city and is the most established program in the area. On the north side (Concord area) there are a couple of solid programs like Prodigy and Victory, and as someone mentioned CEA is a little further north. On the west side (Gastonia), there is a very strong up-and-coming gym called Aviator. There are some smaller programs like Charlotte Extreme, Odyssey, and a little further east in Albermarle a strong program called Cheer Corps. There is plenty of variety in CLT, so ask around, visit the gyms and see what you think is best for your child. Traffic isn't always easy in CLT, so consider where you will want to live and if it fits with what you want out of a cheer gym.
I believe most gyms in charlotte are great programs with good hearted coaching... Just find the best school for your CP and HOME! Then pick a gym close by!
CEA Lake Norman is about 45 minutes away, and CEA KVille is about 2 hours away. Charlotte all stars is also amazing but CEA is great if your cp is a level 5.
Feel free to message me with any questions. Cetainly I am partial to Charlotte Allstars but I do not mind giving you a unbiased opinion depending on your CPs needs and where you plan on living.

Oh and Charlotte Allstars can more than provide your level 5 athlete what they need. We have 3 large level 5 teams this year.
I've always enjoyed competing with Charlotte Allstars and would highly recommend them! they are the first thing that comes to mind when you mention Charlotte. Good luck with your search :)