All-Star Gyms Near Rumson, New Jersey?

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Apr 7, 2011
hi everyone, there is a slight possibility i might be moving this coming year and i need a list of cheer gyms close to rumson...

thanks! :)
AS1 is about 1.5 hours away
NJSE is about 1.5 hours away
SJS is about 2 hours away
Star Athletics is about 1.5 hours away
Just Cheer is about 1.5 hours away

ps...all times are approximate, and don't take into account traffic...
Are you young enough to cheer for a senior team still?
If not you want to find a gym with an international team for you. And if youre a guy, I think there are only like 3 choices in NJ.

Definitely come check out World Cup. Lazers have open gym on July 24, Aug 7 and Aug14. Then tryouts are the 21st of Aug.
will you still be a member of the teal army if you go to WC?
ahah jw not trying to start anything!