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  1. C

    OT *Assistant Coach Position * North Jersey *High School level*

    Afternoon, I am a High School Cheerleading coach located in Northern Nj. We only cheer for basketball season, but we start workouts in the summer Qualifications *Must have cheer experience *Positive attitude *stunting experience * knowledge of standard cheer motions, jumps Tumbling experience (...
  2. C

    New Jersey Worlds Team’s 2018-2019

    This is a list of Level 5 Worlds Teams from the Garden State (or from a Jersey based franchise) for the 2018-2019 season. Open/International Open 5 •Spirit Factory Senior Ice •South Jersey Storm Lady Reign •World Cup Zenith (Easton) Open/International Open Large Coed 5 •South Jersey...
  3. Power1979

    All-Star Sublimated Team Jersey Coverups

    Just needing some information on affordable yet good quality baseball jersey style button ups for Allstar Cheer teams to use as cover-ups. We messaged and repeatedly called innovative spirit wear who made ours in the past however they are not returning calls, voicemails, or social media...
  4. C

    New Jersey Worlds Teams

    Hey everyone! As a fellow New Jersian I wanted to create a thread exclusive to Worlds teams in the Garden State! Any thoughts, opinions, or questions are welcomed. Enjoy! To get things started, how do you guys feel about the 2017-2018 season so far?
  5. myshiiningstar

    Central Jersey Allstars Looking To Hire Tumbling Instructor

    I am writing this on behalf of Patty Ann Romero- Owner of Central Jersey All Stars. With a major increase in our numbers due to pre-registration try-outs, CJA is looking for qualified tumbling instructors. If you are interested, please send your resume to [email protected] or call...
  6. Allstarmom2002

    Top Gun Spirit Jersey

    Selling this Top Gun Spirit Jersey, Size Large, it's in good shape. Selling for $25.00 plus $5.00 shipping. Message me on here if interested . Payment via PayPal, will ship with tracking. Thanks! 11224640_10207186217040247_8567600780117333168_n.jpg Photo by elidav2007 | Photobucket...
  7. evelyn rencher

    Liberty All Stars In Jersey City, Nj Seeks Additional Tumble & Cheer Coach

    Hello! Liberty All Stars, located in Jersey City, NJ, is looking for Three new members of our growing family. 1. ALL STAR COACH- Must have All Star Experience, no exceptions! This would be to assist on teams Level 1-4, and we'll pay for your credentialing if you don't already have it. 2...
  8. NJ Cheer Force Elite

    All-Star Cheer Force Tryouts- South Jersey

    We are fielding Level 1-4 Cheerleaders!! OPEN HOUSE- APRIL 25th 12:00-3:00pm FREE STUNT AND TUMBLE CLINIC!! COME SEE WHAT WE HAVE TO OFFER!! Team Placements: May 9th- 12:00-2:00pm or May 12th- 6:30-8:30pm 200 Allied Parkway West Berlin, NJ (856) 562-8446 Email: [email protected]...
  9. arispurplecheerkitty

    OT Cheerleaders New Jersey!

    I was just on YouTube when I found this gem! I'm glad awesomeness TV has started another cheerleaders! Especially with a team that isn't too well known but I still love this team!
  10. getsum

    All-Star Cheerleaders Season 4: Jersey

    its baaaaaack...
  11. Jesuha

    Looking To Hire High Level Coaches In South Jersey Area.

    Hi everyone, Is there a forum here for gym owners looking to hire new coaches?
  12. A

    Northern Jersey All Star Gym?

    So since I'm starting high school in september I was going to tryout for cheer. I also want to get better in tumbling and stunting. The all star gyms I find are in mid-Jersey or south Jersey. So I was wondering if anyone knew of any Northern jersey All Star Gyms.
  13. myshiiningstar

    All-Star Central Jersey All Stars - Full Year Prep Teams

    CJA will be holding All Star Prep Sign Ups for our Low Cost / No out of state travel teams! Email us for more info [email protected]
  14. garretttt

    All-Star Orange Spirit Jersey Auction

    Hey y'all! The orange rays are selling 4 orange spirit jersey's on eBay and all the benefits go to Chris Gage, a stingray coach who was in a terrible accident almost a year ago! Below are the links the each auction! :) Stingray Orange Spirit Jersey Size Small | eBay Stingray Orange Spirit...
  15. Amanda_JerseyAllStars

    All-Star Jersey Tumble Coaches

    Jersey All Stars is looking to hire additional tumbling instructors. *Must have experience *USASF certification Please e-mail [email protected] if you are interested!
  16. AshleyJynx

    Cheersport Nationals Spirit Jersey

    Cheerspoort National Spirit Jersey
  17. Amanda_JerseyAllStars

    All-Star Jersey All Stars Mid-season

    Please check our website for information regarding our mid-season program. Jersey All Star Cheerleading or you can e-mail [email protected] :)
  18. steel force elite 2013

    New Team In Jersey City, Steel Force Elite

    Steel Force Elite, new team but not new coaches. If interested in joining a competitive all star team come check us out. We are ready to put this new team on the cheer map. For more information email us at [email protected]. This is going to be an exciting year. So be a part of it.
  19. CoachARobz

    All-Star Jersey Wild All Stars

    Contact [email protected] for a private evaluation. We still have room for all ages and skill level. visit for more details!
  20. littlemisscheerleader

    Cheer Gyms In New York/new Jersey Area?

    I'm moving to Manhattan this summer. I'm a flyer, and looking for level 5/6 (it will have to be International Open, and preferably coed team) and was hoping for gym recommendations :) thank you! :)