OT Harry Potter Live Premiere

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I can't say I'm "obsessing" but I'm ridiculously excited for Potter, the last.
It's complete let-down, for me, though. The ending of the series was bad enough. Now, the movies are done, too.

All that's left to feed my Pottermania is Pottermore...we'll see on that, I guess.
I thought I was the only goof that loved Harry Potter. I def must agree with Mamrazzi, that I am not camped out but I am SUPER excited to see the final movie. I fell in love with the HP series while deployed to Iraq in 2004. So sad to see it come to an end. 10 years is a long run.......but not long enough lol.
I am going to sob my heart out at the midnight premier..the last horcrux of my childhood will be gone:(
i normally reread the books every summer. of course this is the summer i decide to broaden my reading material, the one year i have to refresh myself on the book.... fail...

but, i do plan on watching all the movies just because. true story, i didn't know "potter weekends" were like, a weekly thing, and im sitting in my dorm with my roomies after a really bad day (i do believe i was crying and explaining to them what happened) and the commercial comes on for it and i stop mid sentence, stand up, and legit start jumping up and down about potter weekend. thats when my roomate informed me that it happens all the time. needless to say, i made her campout in the living room and watch it all weekend with me for bursting my bubble. :D
The last ever Harry Potter starts screening the same week I graduate from University...I feel like the universe is trying to tell me something about growing up :(