Has Tv Become Too Dark And Violent? Should Society And Pop Culture Become Fascinated By Space Again?

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    What do you think of stuff got people shoved into lockers being so popular nowadays? Comic book movies and fantasy sagas like GOT, Harry Potter, and LOTR.

    I was always fascinated in space but strangely Star Trek and Star Wars never appealed to me. It wasn't until a friend invited me over to show me this video game called "Mass Effect" that I took a serious look at space fiction.

    I was blown away by what I saw. The spaceships and aliens looked cooler than anything from Trek or Wars and the story was much more engaging as well.

    Space is pretty big on TV but it is not the cultural force that Game of Thrones or NFL Football is. I don't see the mainstream getting into it since it is either bleak, gritty, and intellectual or cheap and generic looking.

    The new Star Trek seems to want to be a BSG ripoff and the aliens lool really generic and boring.

    The Expanse is the best written and acted space show on TV but no one has heard of it and the future portrayed is very bleak.

    This look cheap and tacky

    I don't see the people in my neighborhood ever checking out anything space related on TV unless it was about a future society in a spaceship based on modern American culture that played football or mech football and had reality show style drama in it lol.

    Has TV in fictional settings become too violent, intellectual, and/or boring for the mainstream and lost it's fun factor?
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    Why does this remind me of a user from years ago?