All-Star Have Any Of You Ever Tumbled On A Basketball Court?

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Aug 19, 2010
Do you think you'd ever be able to do half of what you do on the basketball court?

I sometimes envy all star cheerleaders because you guys have a lot of resources like spring floors, foam pits, trampolines, etc. that can help you with your tumbling and get your confidence up! I learned all of my tumbling on the grass and basketball court and have only tumbled on a spring floor a couple of times.

I'm just curious to know if any of you have tried your tumbling on a dead mat or grass at that. And how much of a difference it feels to you? I guess since I was so used to the grass and got to tumble on a spring floor, it didn't seem hard, but actually easier, because I was basically being GIVEN power, rather than getting the power myself, aha.
I don't know. I think the regular floor is easier to tumble on. I have a hard time tumbling on spring floor because I have a horrible punch into the ground and don't get much spring back. I feel like I'm getting double bounced any time I try to jumps into a tuck. When I could tumble at my best, I could do everything on the basketball floor or grass that I could do on a spring floor.
Spring floor is waaay easier to tumble on, for me. I've done a full or two on the grass or the beach, but I would never dare double on anything besides a spring floor. Standing fulls are deadly on the grass, too.
I can tumble on basket ball court and grass (I do HS also), but there's a reason people aren't aloud to double full on dead matts or basketball courts.....
tumbling on a BB court is way harder or on grass is hard but eaiser than a court the spring floor is easier...I guess it is just because that is the way I have been tumbling sence I was 3.
i always thought b-ball court stung my hands but gave you a lot of bounce because of the wood, sometimes easier then on the mat on the hardwood because the mat absorbs some of the bounce that you get from the wood. i obviously have always preferred spring though having a gymnastics back ground. grass you get no spring at all front though, it like completely absorbs all your power, i mean i used to tuck and stuff on it but there wasn't really much bounce. Turf is pretty good to tumble on though because it has the rubber pieces in it that give you some spring
i've tumbled on the basketball court before, though all i threw was a roundoff handspring tuck. and it definitely hurt my hands and my feet/ankles when i landed. however, i had awful ankles to begin with so that could be why.

i've also tumbled on gravel track and soft track- they weren't too cushion-y either.
I don't think there is a real difference between tumbling on a spring floor, a non-spring floor, or a basketball court! I have tumbled on all of them and have been able to throw the same skills! Granted, a hardwood floor is a bit more harsh when you punch for a skill, but you should still be able to maintain the "punch" regardless of what surface you are on! The muscle reflex is no different! Some people have fast reflex muscles which don't suffer from surface to surface! The reflex action is the same regardless! It really doesn't matter what type of surface you are on-if you have the ability to perform a skill with great execution on a spring floor--than you really could perform that same skill on a hard surface!!
I really think it depends on where you learned to tumble. I learned to tumble on dead floor (since I started cheer before spring floors were everywhere), therefore...I think its easier to tumble on dead floor.
I have do allstars and highschool. I tumble on both. The spring floor is way easier but i still can throw majority of my running tumbling and standing tumbling on the bb court and grass. i just can't throw trick passes on it
We had to throw all of our tumbling on basketball courts during games when I was in college. I think it broke my body into pieces, personally.
I have to tumble on either a dead mat or the basketball court at school. I don't think it's that much harder actually. Grass is definetly easier. So when I go on spring floor i get so much power becuz I'm used to tumbling on bball courts.

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