OT Have You Ever Fell While Walking Onto The Mat?

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Yes I have:L!!! Also, at our dance show we had to run on and off stage in 3 seconds, like the lights had an auto timer, and we started kneeling. I ran on, forgot how slippy the floors were, slipped and fell with my legs somewhere around my head, and yes. I missed the start of the dance.
unfortunately I have. I was running up onto a raised stage holding on to two people's hands and tripped. i didn't let go of their hands and so fell on my face. My coach had to wait to start the music while I made sure my rug burn wasn't bleeding...
I have never fallen..but back when BATC was still at the Patriot Center-so tragic! ha You had to like walk on this ramp thing that almost everyone tripped going onto backstage and then after that you walk up onto the mat..well, I was holding my friends hand while we were running out and literally we were letting go as we walked up onto the mat and she fell pretty much face down and of course everyone including my coaches believes I pulled her down! hahahah Unfortunately in the video it even looks like I did, but I promise I didn't!! I trip more often when I'm on the mat..and usually front and center -_- it's great.