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Dec 14, 2009
Anyone like to work out outside of cheerleading and tumbling?

I found this workout program that I've been doing, it's on this site:


I really like it because it's so simple and anyone can do it, but it will still be challenging even if you're strong because it's so fast paced.

Also, any health tips? My diet isn't the best, but there's 2 things that I like to do: 1. I sparingly drink calories. I don't drink soda at all anymore. 95% of the time I drink water with meals. Sometimes I have juice. 2. I like to have a somewhat healthy breakfast. I eat a few bowls of (non-sugary) cereal (honey Bunches of Oats, Rice Krispies, Wheaties Fuel, Special K, etc). No pop tarts for me.

Feel free to share any health and fitness tips that you have here.
If Your Wanting To Lose Weight Fiber Helps Boost Your Metabolism!
And Walking Burns More Calories Than You Think, It Burns Those Stubborn Lbs You Cant Get Rid Of.
Also, Eat Some Kind Of Fruit Once A Day (Natural Sugars Are Good For You).
And If You Are Wanting Chips, A Regular Bag Of Chips Has 300 Calories In It But If You Get BAKED Chips They Only Have 140 Calories In Them!
Avoid Bread.
Oh And Ocean Spray Has Diet Cranberry Juice That Only Has 5 Calories Per Serving And Its Pretty Good. Its Kinda Tart But Add Some Splenda Or Artificial Sweeetner It Tastes The Same As The Regular.
Tev..Why haven't you sent me this before?! We have a very similar diet..except I occasionaly have a poptart or two during the week, but I am doing my best to avoid them! I haven't had soda in forever and even if I do try sips here or there the taste isn't the same for me. I typically drink water/flavored water and green teas plus not so healthy Arnold Palmer :) I have no idea if lemonade is healthy--pretty sure it's just sugar so it probably isn't, but that's probably a very close second to water for me.

As far as food goes..I pretty much eat whenever I am hungry (a few snacks and 3-4 meals, but it depends). I have little snacks a few times a day usually consists of popcorn, trail mix, pita chips, carrots, or pretzels. I absolutely LOVE peanut butter..I eat with bananas, toast, crackers etc. and its a great sorce of protein! I usually have some form of fruit every single day sometimes more or less. I think America would be a lot less "obese" if healthy foods were the same price/or less expensive then junk food. It's really unfortunate when people go to grocery stores and see a pricy box of blueberries, but then a great special on buy 2 get 1 free bag of chips
I really hope long down the road when I have a family I can afford to buy healthy foods for myself and my family versus the junk food that seems more within reach for the majority of the American population.