All-Star Healthy Food At Competitions?

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Aug 26, 2011
Hi all -
Most competitions are held at areas and convention centers but the food thats available is usually junk food. We try and bring healthy food and protein snacks when we can but some places do not let you bring any food at all. Even water....
The food that is available is usually pretty expensive too.

I am doing a project for school; a survey on healthy food alternatives at sporting events. I would love your help.

Does anyone else hope that food vendors will offer something healthy this season? What is your favorite snack (healthy) to have at competitions? What is your favorite "unhealthy" snack at competitions? (Mine is Chic-Fil-A!)

I will start to give you an idea of what I need:
I like : Turkey slices, apples with peanut butter, carrots, water, tuna sandwich. Maybe frozen lemonade as a treat when I am done competing.

Thanks :)
My little CP doesn't really like anything that is available at competitions. She just is naturally drawn towards foods that are good for you. If she had a choice of what they would serve it would be the following:

Yogurt with fruit and granola
Grapes or any kind of sliced fruit for the most part
Water Ice(Instead of Dippin' Dots)
my favorite healthy food would definetley hummus & crackers! & my favorite 'junk' food is definetley dippin dots! there AMAZING. i always get them after i compete.
I love peanut butter crackers and subway because it doesnt make you feel bloated or full before you compete!!
my favs are yogurt with fruit & granola, smoothies, (never heard of maui wowi my town has robeks!) & hummus & crackers!
healthy: carrots, almonds, homemade strawberry & banana smoothies, cheese, fruit, water
unhealthy: chick fil a, maui wowi smoothies its all powdered sugar and milk, dunkin donuts, nachos and cheese, cheese fries, chicken tenders, soda
Tropical Smoothie down here has real fruit smoothies with splenda that are huge and under 250 cals. I love those before going to the gym.

Any kind of lunchmeat sandwich or grilled chicken.