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Apr 7, 2011
So I live in Roswell, Georgia.
There are around 5 gyms I could go to.
I have no tumbling, yet.

There is the Georgia Allstars, Allstar Panthers, Jayhawks or Georgia Elite Hurricanes.
I would like to do Georgia Allstars, besides the fact that I know no one on that team.
I was considering Allstar Stingrays, until I realized it takes an hour to get to Marietta.

Which one do you think would be the best choice and also, how much would you say each costs?
From what it looks like, I would say either Georgia All Stars. The Panthers or the Jay Hawks.
Its not worth it to drive an hour for cheer when theres closer gyms- youll practically be living at the gym :)
This is tryout season, if your parents consider all four to be within a reasonable distance, ask your folks to contact all four and get tryout info from them, it should give you and your parents all the info you need - projected costs, expectations in terms of practices, etc.. Tryout packages may even be available for download from each gym's website. Your parents might want to consider taking you to visit all four gyms. Good luck in yours and your parents decision.
Since you don't have any tumbling yet, I'd suggest taking tumbling classes at any gym that's in the running. That way you can get a feel for the way coaches run practice and get a good feel of the gym. You have a year, so that should be enough time to take tumbling at at least 3-4 gyms.
Visit the gyms, also, and see how you like the atmosphere. Also, just because Georgia Allstars Worlds teams are good, since your most likely gonna be on level 1 your first season, you could consider a smaller gym until you build up your skills.
I would start by visiting all the gyms as others have said and see which one fits you best. GA is a great gym that everyone has alot of respect for and Stingrays are AMAZING on every level if you can make the drive!
georgia allstars for sure.

they are super amazing. and plus, you will always make friends there. it might be a little weird for a bit, but im sure they are nice and will make friends with you easily.
You should definitely visit and acquire information on all of your choices. In addition to considering the level that you will most likely start on and the cost of monthly fees and tumbling you'll want to consider competition costs. I believe Georgia does considerably more long distance traveling than your other choices. That can add up and if you are just starting out your parents may want to consider that. Watch videos of the level 1 and 2 teams and gather as much information as you can before you choose. They are all great programs for different reasons. Good luck in making your decision!
An hour?? I just checked Google maps and it says Marietta is only 20 minutes away from Roswell which would make sense because many of the GA athletes went to Rays when GA was shut down a few years ago. According to the Georgia Allstars website, they are also located in Roswell. I'd say try both (or all!) to see which gym you get a better feel for. Good luck :)
you should choose goergia or stingrays they are both amazing and talented teams and you will get good tumbling and stunting skills in no time there the other teams i havent heard of but that might be because i live in PA but you should check theme out to and see who's gym is better