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Oct 20, 2013
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Hey guys! I have a really big favor to ask..
I’m currently on our senior 3 open team, which is the elite team in our club. Our coaches came with the idea and we've decided to try and go to the US on a practice trip. We aim to go during worlds so we can also go watch and cheer on all the Swedish teams during ICU and IASF. This is like a life long dream for me and many kids on the team.

This will be a big expense, and since we’re an open team, with athletes everywhere from 14 year olds with single parents to 23 year olds living on their own without a current job, it will be a battle to get there. We’re also a non-profit organisation so the club can’t go in and help the team.

But my coach started a fundraising page on facebook to help with the expenses and I ask that if you have a couple of dollars to spare, please help us get our dream! I have translated the text from the page and pasted it below. Thank you!


Icejays cheer team, senior level 3, from the club Cheer Legacy from Nyköping, Sweden, have decided to go to the US on a practice trip in April of 2019, and to also support our Swedish national teams during the world championship in Orlando.

This adventure will cost the team around 200.000 SEK (~ $21.000), an amount that is big for the little elite team, but with your help they can get a boost on the way to their dream trip together. I start this fundraising and ask y
ou all to help. Give a little if you can, give a bit more if you have the opportunity. Please share this fundraising page so more people can take part and help the team. Every amount is valuable and together we can contribute to sending these athletes on this life adventure, and prepare to hopefully take on the US at competitions in the future. The team and their coaches are very appreciative for this fundraising. A group of 14 that are fighting and working hard for their dreams! Help the team a bit on the way to realizing their dream.

Thank you!
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