All-Star Help With Team Names?

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Jul 6, 2011
My gym is called Dream Team Allstars. But the other half of our gym is called Dreams Dance Company. I need some good team names that we could use. Our logo on signs and what not have a moon and a girl dancing for our dance teams. So names dealing with the sky, moons, stars and stuff is good or just good names that sound good with Dream Team Allstars would be great! Thanks for the help.
Eclipse, Milky Way, Lunar, Midnight.

If you want to go for a solar or night time theme I guess haha
If you want to go the Dream side of this (though there is already a program similar to this in VA)
Illusion, Mirage, Fantasy, Imagine, Mystic, Vision, Destiny

If you want to go the Dream (as in Achieve your dreams)
Believe, Strive, Achieve, Succeed,
I posted this in the newbies section too but figured I would post it here as well...

Neutrons (junior team or lower level senior team)
Nebulas (junior team or lower level senior team)
Suns (middle level senior team)
Asteroids (high level senior team)
Meterorites (high level senior team)
Satellites (for a mini or youth team)
Rovers (mini or youth team)
Craters (lower level senior team or younger)
Orbitals (middle level senior team)
Comets (higher level senior team)
Atlantis (an open team; Atlantis was the name of the last space shuttle that went into space, July 2011, so it kind of fits with an international team since many won't be cheering that much longer)

The actual team level is just a suggestion, I just thought they fit with the space name. Hope this helps!