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Jan 17, 2011
Hi fierceboard friends!
So I'm like freaking out.
I'm 14 and I keep hearing that I NEED to stick my bhs.
Only I am absolutely terrified to do a running ro bhs. Any tips on how to handle this before I freak out.
Thanks everyone!
Have a good evening
Well if you want to move up a level then it is kind of imperative that you do master your bhs because it is the building block to so many other amazing skills! I know what its like to have a headcase and its no fun at all! Ive been there. I could sit here and tell you that everything was fine and if you fall then its just a fall blah blah blah BUT I wont waste time typing that because it would be pointless! When your ready to land it, youll put forth the effort and get the mindset that you just need to land it. Go into your gym and try thinking about how you would feel if you landed it that night and how amazing it would be to be able to start working on other skilsl. If you get your mind going and start thinking about just landing it and how great it would be instead of how difficult it is then you might actually land it! Good luck and keep working hard!
Not open for further replies.