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Mar 23, 2010
I'm doing a project for Graphic Design (its a magazine article that has to stretch across two pages) on all-star cheerleading and the high catastropic injury rate, and i'm having a hard time finding pictures to use.

I'm NOT looking for anything gruesome or pictures of someone in actual pain; i do, however need to somehow find quality pictures of either extremely impressive-looking stunting (ie Top Gun's transitional stunts or CEA's pyramids) or some not-so-impressive stunting, like a stunt falling to or already on the ground.

Normally I would just raid actionmoments for pictures, especially of the impressive stunting, but the pictures are too small and low quality for me to use with an Adobe editing suite. On top of that, the phtoographers are usually polite enough not to capturestunts as their falling, and I havent found any pictures of that at all.

Anyone know where i can find something usable?
I think, we have a series of picture of a guy from my team eating mat during his full. I could ak him about that, if tumbling accidents are of any use for you. Nothing happend, he came out perfectly alright and laughs about it everytime, he sees the pics. So he's cool about it. ;)
I don't know if you have the capability to do this, but if you're on a mac you can watch a video, pause it at the moment of the fall you want. and then use the screenshot function to capture it. I've done this on projects before.
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